CityAccord (formerly City Forum)

Tuesday, 17 April 2018 – 14:00pm-16:30pm - Centara Grand & Bangkok Convention Centre
CityAccord is designed to address the needs and concerns of cities bidding for major international sporting events by bringing together bidding cities, national events organisers, sports commissions, host cities, local event organising committees, development authorities, and commercial delegates to share insight. The CityAccord’s aim is to simply help cities obtain and host world class sporting events the best way possible.
14:00-14:05 - WELCOME and INTRODUCTION 
14:05-14:20 - SCENE SETTER: Why establishing positive relationships from the beginning is key to successful event hosting
14:20-14:40 - BETWEEN EVENTS: Working with IFs to promote grass roots sport, and encourage sporting activity within your own community
Example of a local programme that is successfully motivating people of all ages and abilities to exercise and participate in sport.
14:40-15:00 - TECH UPDATE: How technology is changing, enhancing, and challenging sporting events
With the changing behaviour and expectations of both athletes, fans, and sponsors, a look at how cities and IFs can pool technological resources and expertise for mutual benefit.
15:00-15:20 - UPSIDE DOWN/INSIDE OUT: How creative thinking might open new doors for potential host cities
A look at some of the unique ways cities are using facilities for purposes other than what they were built for, and sports are finding audiences in non-traditional markets and locations. 
15:20-16:00 - INTERACTIVE Q&A with SPONSORS: How do sponsors decide which sports and events to partner with? 
What are the determining factors for sponsors – Fondness for a particular sport? The human demographic that participates or follows it? The location, size or prominence of a particular event? The need for better brand recognition in the host city? Value association with the sport’s principles?  The financial risk involved? The uniqueness of the event itself? Here’s your chance to ask them!